1. walnetto:

    Melody of “Far Over the Misty Mountains Cold”, from the first Hobbit trailer, for the Ukulele. 

    Ever since I heard this song it has been stuck in my head. I found a version for guitar and translated it to the ukulele, tweaking it here and there. I have no musical training, so it may still need more tweaking, but I’m putting this version out there if anyone wants to have a go at it! Happy plucking!

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  3. marianamusto:


    Nowhere Left to Run - Dougie Poynter

  4. claulovemcfly:

    dougie poynter smile :)

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  5. Who’s the most annoying band member?

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  6. ”tbag + donners”

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    during crashed the wedding at hyde park they all wore wedding dresses and afterwards dougie got stuck in his so played the rest of the show like this

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  10. Tom: We’re in Bournemouth aren’t we?
    Danny: But it’s not boring.
    Tom: James Bourne isn’t with us.
    Danny: James Bourne isn’t here. [To Harry] Where were you born?

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